MS Iwiny

Localization: Wrocław, Iwiny
Square Footage: 65m2
CProject Duration: March – November 2011
The project of modern and simple in the form a single family house consisted of a living room with kitchen, dining room and two bathrooms – marriage and for children.
Equipment and style of the house was designed for the individual request of our investors, who were very involved in the common development of the project. The project was to be made ​​with good materials, but with the use of reasonable expenses.
The interior living area is open - combined with the kitchen and dining room - it is one space separated only by breaks in the floor and ceiling. Moreover, the project uses custom designed furniture and lamps designed by polish designers (eg. Tabanda - lamp over the island). The bright colors, plaster imitating concrete, high-gloss fronts, wooden floors and fireplace in the type of "goat" make daily home space modern and timeless.
Rarely it happens kids bathroom was designed with 100% for children - here our investors decided exactly that way! Tiles chosen from the collection of Steuler Luis and Ella make the room lively and funny.